What To Bring On A Camping Trip: 15 Essential Items

Planning to go on an adventure? The first question to ask is, what to bring on a camping trip with friends? Then, check your checklist if you these essential things.

Camping is one of the recreational activities that you can enjoy in your leisure time. This helps an individual to refresh and relax their mind from toxic and stressful city life. People tend to choose the best place for their camping adventure. This could be a park, mountain, and other scenic settings. You choose to be with nature on a camping trip as it can be more beneficial to your mental health. Camping also keeps the strong bond of your family and of course your friends as well. You can’t deny the fact that it’s the best feeling hearing your loved one’s laughter. Also, to see in their faces that they are genuinely happy.

On the other hand, to be able to organize successful camping then you must be aware of the following information below. Here is the information you should know before camping for your checklists

Important Items To Bring On Your Camping Trip

For Kitchen Use

to show a sample of camping stove
Sample stove you can bring for camping

#1 Stove/ Fuel for you to cook:

If you want to make your camping extra special then cooking with your friends is a fun thing to do! You just need to bring on a camping trip vegetables, meat, and fruits depend on your friends food preference that you want to prepare. For you to be able to cook then a stove is an essential thing to have on your checklist. 

Allow you to cook any kind of food for every meal. You don’t need to worry if the weather is cold or raining, and you crave a cup of tea or coffee. Just turn on your stove to boil water, then your good to go! Much easier and expose you to a convenient way of camping. 


#2 Matches/ Firestarter:

Do you love barbecue or your friends do? If so, then this must be one of the reasons why you need to bring this thing in your camping trip with friends. You can create a fire with this tool in your kitchen. When you decide to go on camping in the winter season then a campfire is a great idea. 

A campfire completes your whole experience in camping. This is perfect to have while chatting around with your friends and drinking coffee at the same time. A witness and audience for every story you will have with your friends. 

what to bring on a camping trip with friends

#3 Knives, pan, and eating utensils.

You need to bring these kitchen essential tools for your camping trip with friends. This will help you to cook quickly and prepare other stuff most conveniently. 

For the knives, you can’t just use it in slicing food for preparation but you can use this tool such as cutting rope, wooden figurines, and as your maintenance tool for the campfire.

Eating utensils and pan play an important role in camping. You don’t need to worry about where you can put your foods. To fully enjoy the perks of having this in your checklist, choose the multi-purpose eating utensils, the materials are eco-friendly and lightweight to carry. 

#4 Bottle opener/ can opener:

You don’t need to worry carrying this kitchen tools in your camping bag as it is very lightweight. These two has a significant part in your camping experience. You don’t need to worry if you want to drink with your friends while enjoying the good weather, either in a bottle or in a can. You can just quickly tear it up using these kitchen tools, and enjoy the good company!

#5 Cooler Box :

This kitchen tool helps you to preserve the temperature of your meat, cold drinks, and soda. Another thing that might be helpful to have this is keeping your vegetables and fruits fresh until the last day of your camping. The way you organize and preserve foods here depends on your preference. This one is very helpful as it keeps your food cold and in a good condition while far away from home. 

For The Campsite

#6 Your tent/ RV:

When you decide to go on camping with friends, you also decide whether you want a tent or rent an RV camping as your sleeping quarters. If you have a bigger circle of friends then you must prefer to have an RV camping. On the contrary, if you are only a few people in the group then a tent will do. 

Hence, most people love to use a tent for a more fun camping experience. The fact is that a tent is commonly used in camping. Usually, people tend to bring a bigger tent for them to feel comfortable. Also, a tent as well is very lightweight and compact to bring. 

#7 Flashlight:

This serves as your emergency tool, this must be part of your first aid kit aside from the medicine. A flashlight is a multi-purpose tool in camping. You don’t need to worry that much if you and your friends choose the place where there is no electricity or there is a usual electric outbreak. Camping is not complete without the help of this tool. In terms of bringing this with you, you don’t need to worry at all as you can put it in your bag or in your small pouch.

#8 Extra batteries for your lantern/lights.

You don’t want to experience the worst situation in camping that supposed to be a fun thing right? Then, help yourself to prepare batteries for your lantern/lights.

Ask your friends if they could bring an extra one, so you won’t experience a shortage of supply when an emergency happens. Just like the weather, we can’t always predict a situation, and what you need to do is just to be ready. 

#9 Table and chairs.

Usually, people love to do camping in most isolated areas wherein they feel that they belong to nature and far away from the sound of a busy city. It is always a good idea to have fun with your friends knowing that nature can hear your laughter and witness your moment. Camping is not just sleeping under the clouds but also enjoying the greenish environment with a cup of coffee and food on your table. 

Choosing suitable chairs and table is an important thing, as you can use this in many ways. This is for your dining setup, to be comfortable while eating your favorite food with your favorite people. In terms of choosing your chairs and table, always look for a foldable one, multi-purpose and lightweight to bring at the same time. 

#10 Camping pillow and sleeping pads.

These two are important, look for the pillows and sleeping pads/bags you and your friends are comfortable in using. Get the lightweight one, great texture, high-quality materials usually cotton ones.

For the sleeping pad, look out for the thicker one especially if your circle of friends decides to go camping in a cold season and place.

For your Hygiene & Survival  

#11 Foods and Water:

The most essential thing you need to keep in mind. You will not be able to survive camping without food and water. Being with your friends in a scenic place is probably the best feeling on earth. It becomes more perfect if you have a lot of foods to share while enjoying the sound of nature, especially at night.

Most of you tend to think that camping might be the right time to bring unhealthy foods such as junk foods, soda, fries and that’s alright. 

#12 First aid kit/ Emergency kit:

This is a must, just like the weather, the camping situation is unpredictable as well. To be with your friends makes you hyper where somehow you become careless unintentionally in result to accident.

This is the purpose of your first aid/ emergency kit- to respond quickly to any kind of accident. Always remember that being with friends especially in camping activity is fun but always prioritize your health and safety. 

#13 Toiletry kit/ Soap:

It is always important to have this kind of kit in your bag. You need to be clean and hygienic even you are camping with your friends. Generally speaking, it is more of a survival thing. In terms of choosing your soap, toothpaste, or even tissue always keep in mind to get the eco-friendly stuff. Through this, you can give back to the environment in the simplest form but most beneficial.

#14 Clothes.

Whether you want to go on hiking, biking, climbing, or other outdoor activities you must have your other clothes to dress up after. In the same manner, with camping with your friends, it is important to bring extra clothes, just to be sure.

Bring suitable clothes for camping activities, usually, this type of clothes: long sleeves, sweater, hoody, and pajamas. However, you need to remember that you only need a few of these so that you can’t feel burdened carrying your stuff. 

#15 Blanket and towel:

These two are also important, a homely feeling when you have this with you. If your circle of friends has their favorite blanket then they can bring it. Listening to one of your friend’s stories or a piece of good music as your background in the camping venue is the best! But, sometimes you feel a bit uncomfortable if the weather is way too cold, so your blanket can save you while relaxing! 

On the other hand, taking a bath in the camping places is an extra challenge. You need to cope with the small bathroom or in an RV camping comfort room. You need to bring your towel to keep you clean and dry after a shower.  

Tips for Organizing Your Camping Essentials: 

  • Make sure to have a proper bag, a pouch to store your things for the activity. You don’t need to use the biggest one, you just need to get the right one that is extra durable. 
  • Organize things according to their uses and size. Put all the toiletry stuff in a smaller pouch, another pouch for cord, power bank, and cellphone. While the bigger essential things should be placed on the bag accordingly. 
  • Try to put a label in each pouch to easily access what you need. This is very applicable especially for those individuals who are most likely forgetful. 
  • Look for a plastic container or silicone made of material. Things made from this usually are lightweight and easy to carry. Do not use storage boxes made from heavy materials like metal. It is not practical to use. 
  • Have your checklist. It is a must that you have your checklist for essential things. This is for you to prevent forgetting important things for camping. 
  • Store your food in a proper container and in the proper way. It is important to label your foods in every container, make sure to use an eco-friendly one. Another is the proper way of storing your food, if you have frozen goods then a cooler is the best option to preserve. 
  • Arrange your things according to the time of using them. You need to place the tent and sleeping bag on top of your bag. As you need to build your tent first thing. While it followed your pillow, clothes, toiletry supplies, and emergency kit. In terms of organizing your food, you should get another bag or container for you to store it properly. 

Final Words

If you are an individual who loves to do outdoor activities, then you must have a checklist of essential things to bring. For campers who usually with their friends they share the things, they will have to carry. It is something sentimental once in a lifetime experience that you get to see the beauty of this world. So, if you are planning to camp with your friends it would be a great idea to first read this blog and check your things, perhaps you forget one? 

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