Best 2 Person Backpacking Tent Under 200 – Our Top 5 Picks!

tent for two, you say? Your camping experience with a special someone will be cozier using the right choice of tent. And if you’re on a budget, don’t fret! In this post, I reviewed the best 2 person backpacking tent under 200 that will give you shelter without ruining your pocket.

I’ve scouted 30+ tents in the market, so you no longer have to experience the grueling process of sifting through thousands of options. I also included a short buying guide below to help you with your purchase.

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Best 2 Person Backpacking Tent Under 200 – Top 5 Picks

1. MOON LENCE 2-Person Camping Tent

MOON LENCE 2-Person Camping Tent

Product Name: MOON LENCE 2-Person Camping Tent

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best 2 person backpacking tent under 200, you’ll never go wrong with this MOON LENCE tent. This tent is made of 100% 190T polyester with 100 mm of water resistance. It also boasts of topnotch UV protection while camping in a sunny day. Aside from that, this tent has a double layer design, complete with a 210D polyester rainfly. I also like that it comes with a ground vent and two mesh windows for ventilation. And for ease of use, it’s equipped with dual zippers and a D-shaped door. I also like the built-in hook on in the middle of the tent’s roof where you can hang a portable light at night. You can also choose from green or orange color to match your style. This is also bundled with reflective guy lines for added safety when camping on a poorly lit area.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: In-Stock

Overall Rating: 4.9


Overall, this is an excellent 3-season tent that you can buy for a very affordable price. If you’re backpacking on a budget, you shouldn’t miss this offer. It’s spacious and can even fit two adults and a child. My only gripe is that the zippers are a bit crappy. It gets stuck whenever I zip and unzip the tent, which is a bummer if you’re on a rush. But for the price, I don’t have major complaints.


  • Paired with a 210D polyester rainfly 100 mm water resistance Built-in hook inside


  • The zippers tend to get stuck

2. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

best 2 person backpacking tent under 200

Product Description:

Another tent I highly recommend is the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx. This 2-person tent has a two-pole design made of aluminum as well as polyester. It has topnotch water, wind, and UV resistance, which is everything you can ask for in a camping shelter.

Moreover, this tent has a 75D 185T polyester rainfly that will remain taut for long periods. The seams are also factory-sealed to avoid leaks whenever it rains. And for added water resistance, this ALPS tent comes with poly taffeta flooring with a 2000 mm coating to repel moisture.

Product Summary:

This comes with two doors, two vestibules, a gear loft, and a mesh pocket. Overall, the vestibule area is 20 sq. ft. and the tent area is 37 sq. ft., which is comfy enough for four average adults.

I also like that they use extra-large zippers for this tent, so it doesn’t snag or break easily. It’s something I’d expect from a tent with this price range. It’s also a dependable tent that you can count on during long backpacking trips. It can be packed down into a small size, which is a big plus if you want to travel light.

However, I noticed that the tent is slightly warmer than the others I’ve used before. So if you’re heading somewhere with extreme summer heat, you should consider other tents I’ve discussed here. Other than that, this remains a great tent for the money.


  • Paired with a 75D 185T polyester rainfly
  • Built with two vestibules
  • Packs small and light


  • It’s slightly warm inside, so this may not be the best pick for summer backpacking.

3. KAZOO Waterproof Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Product Description

Another ultra-light backpacking tent I recommend is the one from KAZOO. It’s made with topnotch ventilation consisting of a B3 mesh and dual porches to let the air circulate. Also, both you and your camping buddy will have a separate door. With this, you no longer have to disrupt the sleep of the other person if you need to go to the bathroom.

Aside from that, this tent is made of premium aluminum poles and 190T breathable polyester. It’s paired with a 210T Ripstop polyester rainfly to resist heavy rains and moisture.

I like the design of this tent complete with mesh panels on the upper sides of the door. So even if the tent is zipped close, you’ll still enjoy proper ventilation. This tent also has unbeatable wind resistance. I’ve tried using this on a very windy hill and it held up pretty well.

Product Summary

This is a 3-season tent with a waterproofing rating of 3000mm and floor dimensions of 51’ x 82”. It’s spacious enough for two persons, though a small child can still squeeze in comfortably.

The KAZOO Ultralight Backpacking Tent is covered by a two-year warranty. This is an excellent guarantee, which is surprising for this price range.

The only thing I don’t like is the thin zipper tags that come off easily. Anyway, the easy fix is to replace it with guy line loops.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Pre-bended aluminum poles
  • Dual porch design


  • The zipper tags come off easily

4. ALPS Zephyr Mountaineering 2-Person Tent

Product Description

Are you looking for an easy-to-pitch tent? If so, the ALPS Zephyr Mountaineering 2-Person Tent might be the best choice. This has a two-pole design made of aluminum as well as a polyester body and rainfly. With this, the tent is free-standing and there’s no need for extensive assembly.

This tent has excellent ventilation using two mesh doors as well as mesh walls. It’s also fitted with #8 zippers that won’t come off easily. This is aside from the gear loft and mesh storage pockets inside.

I also like the added headroom of this tent made possible by the 38” spreader bar at the center. It gives enough room for you to move around and sit up.

Product Summary

Aside from that, both the two doors have separate vestibules. It’s also weather-protected, thanks to its factory-sealed seams as well as the poly taffeta flooring complete with 3000 mm coating. Overall, this tent will keep you dry and comfy without being a pain to carry.

The best part about this tent is that ALPS provides a limited lifetime warranty on all its products. If yours arrived defective, you can contact them for a resolution.

 The only caveat I have is that this tent can be very ‘cozy’ for two people who are on the tall and chubby side. Other than that, it fits two people inside but you should avoid oversized using air mats.


  • Center pole for added head room
  • Two vestibules
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Too cozy for chubby users like me

5. Naturehike Cloud-Up Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Product Description

If you and your camping buddy are looking for a spacious tent, you’ll never go wrong with the Naturehike Cloud-Up Tent. This is a 3-person and 3-season tent that will give you the breathing room you need.

It’s made of high-quality polyester fabric with a rainfly and bathtub. These are treated with a PU 3000 coating for top-notch waterproofing. The seams are also factory-sealed to ensure that the two of you will be bone-dry inside.

Moreover, this Naturehike tent has YKK’s dual zipper for easy zipping and unzipping. The mesh pockets inside serve as storage while the walls and roof have a full mesh construction. It’s a champ in breathability, especially on a sunny day.

Product Details

Aside from that, this tent is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Naturehike also offers a limited lifetime warranty for quality-related problems. The bonus part is you can pick from five different colors to match your style.

Overall, this tent gets the job done for a small price. Just make sure that you bring a tarp for the ground since this one doesn’t come with a groundsheet.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty for defects
  • Factory-sealed seams


  • You need an additional tarp for the ground, but not a biggie.

How to choose a best 2-person tent

There are literally thousands of tent options in the market. If you’re not sure which of the five picks you need, the following aspects will help.

Dimensions & livability ✔️

Tents sized as two-person don’t have standard dimensions. Each manufacturer will have its own design, which will affect the livability of the tent itself.

When checking the dimensions of the tent, you shouldn’t just consider the external measurements. You have to see how much space is inside.

Check the floor dimensions, floor area, and wall shape. Some tents have vertical walls, which increases the overall volume of the tent.

On the other hand, tends with sloping ceilings and walls have lower space. The good thing about this tent, though, is its slightly lighter weight.

Above all, you should consider the height of the persons using the tent. If you’re on the tall side, you’d want to get the most spacious two-person tent with a higher peak height. Overall, you’d want enough space for two people to lie down to with enough wiggle room for comfort.

Weight ✔️

Another thing backpackers should consider is the weight of the tent. This is important to ensure your comfort and the portability of the shelter.

When it comes to tent weight, there are two types you need to think of: the package weight and the trail weight.

The trail weight is the minimum weight of your tent, including the rainfly, body, poles, and small accessories.

On the other hand, package weight is the overall weight of the tent set. This includes the stakes, guy lines, stuff sack, and other items included in the package. Most of the time, some of the accessories here can be left behind to reduce the weight of the tent.

Seasonality ✔️

Next, you have to check the seasonality of the tent. This refers to the suitability of the shelter across seasons. Three-season tents are the most popular since it’s also the cheapest and easy to find.

The majority of backpackers will opt for 3-season tents since they don’t usually brave the winter season. These tents have mesh materials to enforce ventilation and airflow.  

But if you want to try backpacking and mountaineering during winter, you should invest in a 4-season tent. These are equipped with more poles and thicker fabric as well as rainfly that stretch to the ground. Take note that 4-season tents have fewer mesh panels to trap your body heat inside.

Fabric material ✔️

The fabric material of the tent will dictate how useful it is outdoors. For 3-season tents, a combination of mesh and polyester are the go-to options. It’s lightweight, durable, and breathable. Also, it can be treated with a waterproofing spray to increase its protection against moisture.

Make sure that the fabric material is thick enough to withstand ripping and tears. This is crucial if you’re planning to head to a windy campsite or a mountain for backpacking.

✔️Frame material

Next, you have to check the frame of the backpacking tent you’re going to buy. You have the option to get metal or fiberglass.

A metal frame is durable and usually more affordable. However, it’s heavier than fiberglass, not to mention that it’s also prone to rust. Unless you don’t mind these things, a metal tent frame will be perfect for a 2-person shelter.

On the other hand, fiberglass tent frames are lightweight but still durable. It may come with a slightly higher price, but you can still get them in the best 2 person backpacking tent under 200.  Just make sure that the fiberglass frame isn’t too thin or easy to snap.

✔️Ease of pitching

Another thing I deem important when choosing a tent is checking how easy it is to pitch. Pop-up tents are great if you suck at putting up tents. You just pull it out of the stuff sack, put it on the ground, and just perform a little bit of assembly. It’s easy and fast, but not all 2 person tents are designed like this.

The downside with pop-up tents is that you can’t store them in a small package. Since the frames are pre-installed, you can fold the material even further. It’s a small issue, but something to keep in mind for backpackers.

Whatever your choice is, a 2-person tent shouldn’t be that hard to pitch. Unless you’re pitching on a windy spot, you can make use of your partner’s helping hand.


If you and your loved one are camping during summer, you need to get a tent with excellent ventilation. This will keep you cool inside the tent while preventing condensation from forming.

Well-ventilated tents have large mesh sides and tops. This lets the air in while blocking insects. And in case it rains, you can put on the rainfly without having to seal the tent entirely.

✔️Wind and water resistance

Weather protection is crucial when picking a 2-person tent. Make sure that your choice can put up with heavy rains, strong winds, and snowfall. The outdoor can be predictable, so your tent should be ready as much as you do.

You can check buyer reviews and see how well the tent held up during actual use. This will save you from receiving a dud piece.

✔️Additional features

Aside from the features mentioned above, you should also consider these extra features:

  • Doors. A 2-person tent will likely have a single door. If possible, look for one with a double zipper, so you can open it inside or outside without snagging. A mesh panel that can be attached to the opened door is also a big plus. This is added ventilation, so you don’t have to expose the interior of the tent too much.
  • Windows. Aside from doors, you should also look for windows. For 3-season tents, mesh windows are a good choice since it allows ventilation while keeping your security.
  • Vestibule. Not all 2-person tents has this, but it’s an excellent addition to your purchase. The vestibule is a separate space right in front of the tent’s door. It serves as a buffer, so you can remove your shoes and change clothes before entering the tent. It’s a good feature to keep the tent interior dry and clean.
  • Rainfly. A rainfly is an indispensable accessory for all tents. It’s placed on top and affixed on each corner of the shelter. This will protect against leaks should a heavy downpour occurs. This way, you can keep the top mesh panel open for ventilation.
  • Groundsheet. Only a few tents I’ve purchased have this, but it will surely added value to your purchase. Groundsheets are additional material laid on the ground before pitching your tent. It prevents moisture from seeping through the tent floor. It can also be placed inside the tent.


Lastly, look for a decent warranty to protect your purchase. This way, you can get a refund or replacement should the tent arrive with defects.

Tips to be comfortable in a two-person tent

Sleeping in a 2-person tent can be pretty uncomfortable. It’s a small tent after all, and it can be a challenge to have a good night’s sleep. Fret not, because the following tips will help you enjoy your outdoor adventure:

🏕️Talk about sleeping setup

It’s important for you and your camping buddy to talk about sleeping setup. Decide who sleeps by the door or if both of you are going to use sleeping bags. If you’re bringing sleeping bags, you should factor their size into the overall dimensions of the tent you’re going to buy.

🏕️Consider the weather

It pays to check the weather forecast before your scheduled backpacking trip. This will let you know what to expect, so you can prepare your tent for it.

🏕️Eat better

Another way to have a good night’s sleep is to eat better than you’d do at home. Nothing is better than going to bed with a full tummy and a satisfied palate. Make sure you prepare your meals before backpacking, so you won’t go hungry.

🏕️Prepare for the bugs

It’s inevitable to encounter bugs and critters during your backpacking trip. I suggest bringing a bug repellent spray with you to keep the bloodsuckers away. You should also use the mesh panels of your tent to prevent insects from entering, whether during daytime or nighttime.

🏕️Bring ear plugs!

If you’re a late-riser, you better bring some earplugs. Most campsites will bustle back to life at 6 am, which will easily wake you up. If you want to catch up to more hours of sleep, earplugs will save the day. Don’t hesitate to pair it with an eye mask to block the light.

🏕️Keep your routines as normal as possible

One reason why you can’t sleep well in a tent is that you’re doing a different routine than what you do at home. Try to keep it as normal as possible to help you doze off easily. For example, if you read a book before sleeping, do so inside the tent.

🏕️Come up with a bathroom plan

Even if you empty your bladder before going to sleep, there’s a high chance that you still have to go in the middle of the night. You and your camping buddy should have a plan for this to prevent disrupting each other’s sleep. For example, you’ll schedule midnight bathrooms together with your midnight snack. You can also try limiting water intake two hours before bedtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How heavy is too heavy for a backpacking tent?

A: A backpacking tent that weighs more than 3 kilos is considerably heavy for backpacking. Unless you’re a big person with higher tolerance, you can go past that weight. Just remember that less weight also means less room and thinner materials. It’s all about finding the right balance between the two.

Q: Can a one-person tent fit two people?

A: Technically, you can fit two people in a one-person tent. However, I doubt that it will be comfortable. It will be too snug and there’s not enough room to toss and turn. Also, it can cause suffocation, especially during a hot day.

Q: Can three people sleep inside a two-person tent?

A: It’s possible for three people to sleep inside a two-person tent. It will be uncomfortable unless one or two are children or small in stature. The good thing is that you can find a spacious 2-person tent that can comfortably house three individuals.

Q: Are two-person tents worth it?

A: Two-person tents are worth it for those who are either camping alone or with a buddy. It’s lightweight, considerably cheaper, and easier to set up. However, it’s also limited in space, but the upside is its lightweight and portable nature.

Q: Should I get a four-season tent?

A:  A four-season tent I suitable for those who are camping in all four seasons of the year. So if you’re just heading to the campsites during summer, I don’t think a four-season tent is worth the splurge. But if money isn’t the issue, there’s no problem getting a four-season tent.

Final words

The best 2 person backpacking tent under $200 will keep you comfy without compromising your budget. Just make sure that there’s enough room for you and your camping buddy. Most of all, the tent should withstand outdoor elements wherever you are headed.

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