Best Generator For Your Camper or RV

Before buying a generator, you need to think about how big of a generator do I need for my camper? Let’s look at this for more information.

Electricity is a must for us to live in a more convenient way today. There are two sources of alternative electricity today, this can be solar energy from the sun or a generator. Both of these have it’s purpose and depends on your own preference. We all know that a generator is functioned by gasoline. 

When you want to go on a trip, you look for the tools/equipment that might be helpful. Another fact is that you will be needing an alternative type of energy if you would like to stay for days on the site. The thing is you need to choose according to your needs. When you buy your camper or if you just get this as your rental vehicle for a trip, then you need to know which one you will get from a generator or a solar panel. 

Some people, prefer to have a solar panel for the camper. But, most people just want a portable generator for the vehicle. Whether you love to camp, hike, or climb a mountain, it’s a must to look for the best solution to use your appliances. For the people who love to use a tent when going to travel or other adventure, then a generator is a good option. But, for those individuals who prefer to rent a camper or an RV then the solar panel is a great choice. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the advantages of using the generator for your camper, how big of a generator you will need for camping, and many more. To know more about various things, read the full content below. 

What Size Generator Do You Need?

If you want to know how big a generator you need for you to use in your RV, then you need to know the factors to consider first. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider answering this kind of question. Here are the things you need to know:

1. Your preferred equipment and vehicle for a trip.

As mentioned in the introduction, the size of a generator depends on your preference. However, aside from that this also affects the preferred equipment to use. Whether you would like to use a tent or camper. You will need to buy a small-sized generator for your tent and a bigger one for your camper/RV. The size of your temporary shelter will always matter how big a generator you will be needing.  

2. Electric appliances you want to carry on a trip.

This is one of the best things you should know before getting one for yourself. If you have a larger number of family and friends to carry then you will be needing different necessary electric appliances. This can be a rechargeable fan, flashlight, lightbulb, stove, and many more. When you plan to have many things with you then you will need a bigger generator with a larger capacity as well. Through this, you will be able to avoid any trouble, hassle in a shortage supply of energy for certain things. 

3. The number of people you are with.

At some point, the number of people varies on how big a generator you need. This will also help you to know your needs from the electric equipment, and space you need. The same thing as the number of equipment is same with this matter. You need to get a generator that has a larger power load if you and your friends plan to go on a trip. This can provide your demands to use all your portable electric appliances. 

Advantages Of Using Generator To A Camper

1. You can carry a portable generator anywhere.

Most people buy a generator to travel. They want to experience touring around the city or to scenic views to their finest. When you have a portable generator, and you decide to camp, hike, and even stay on the mountain, this can bring the following convenience out of using it. 

  1. You can cook with your electric stove and heater. 
  2. You are able to charge your mobile phone and 
  3. For your rechargeable things like electric fan, light, and power bank. 

You just need to choose your venue as your campsite to go. The thing is you can simply put your generator at the back of your car/ RV. 

2. Serves as your Backup for Solar energy.

 When you go on a trip you need to anticipate possible things to happen. You need to ensure that everything you plan will have a smooth path. Most of the camper/ RV has their solar panels installed. But the thing is what will be your alternative source of energy or electricity when your solar malfunction? To answer this, today’s portable generator is also a must to carry. This will serve as your backup plan if there is a problem, that possible to happen. Another thing, we all know that solar energy can sometimes suffice all the needs of our electric things when traveling. This may be a cause as well why the wire gets burned and will definitely affect all the operation. So if you want to plan everything in order then you need to be ready enough and carry this generator.

3. Most generators can provide, larger power loads.

One of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to use the generator is the fact that it can provide a larger capacity for your things. Unlike when you use solar panels in your RV, the typical one is way smaller which means fewer power loads to give. This will not suffice all your needs for your amenities. The capacity of the generator depends on its watts, and some bigger generators can function as aircon.

For people who seek comfort when traveling and decide to have an airconditioned with them, then get a generator which is capable of. Another thing, if you want to charge your RV batteries a generator will suffice. The best thing is you can easily use your electric things immediately after turning the generator on. If you are wondering that this might cause a huge noise, don’t worry as you can have a less noise type of generator.  

4. To power all the modern amenities.

Usually, modern amenities today require larger power loads to work. This is the reason why people prefer to have both solar panels and generators with them during the trip and camping. One of the modern amenities an RV has is having an airconditioned. Aside from that there are having amenities needed a larger amount of power load to function. Hence, when you have a large od amenities with you that you need to turn on in the same period, then it’s time to turn on your generator. Your solar panel may not e sufficient for all your stuff especially if you are with a larger number of people on a trip. You need to make sure you have a generator for your next trip.

5. Gives you peace of mind for a more relax of travels or trips.

This can be considered as one of the perks when using a generator. When traveling you need things that are very useful for your activities, and so for generators. You will be needing a generator to give you enough peace of mind. Aside from the fact that this an alternative source of energy for camping, this also serves as backup RV batteries. Wherein you can charge the battery of your RV conveniently. Staying for many days at the campsite and knowing that everything is well set, would be the best feeling.

How to choose a Generator For RV – Buyer’s Guide 

  • Decide the purpose of the Generator on how long will you need it to work.
    • This is a very important thing to know first. You need to determine your purpose for having the generator. If you wish to buy this for travel and camping purposes, then you must get a portable type of generator. Another thing you should know is its period of time how many hours would you need this for your camping. Look for a reliable generator this will help you to avoid any conflict in the future. Thus, if you know these things you can expect that you will be able to get the one that suits your needs.
  • You must buy for your needs.
    • For instance, you want a generator that is less noisy and portable where you can use for lights, then get the one that suits you. You can choose a smaller one and are capable of giving enough power to your lightbulb at the campsite.   One of the best ways in getting the best generator is to know your needs. This includes your power load, amenities, and backup. You will be able to get the generator perfect to supply you the right amount of power and most especially the benefits out of getting this. For your backup plan look for a suitable generator for your own convenience.
  • You need to look after the generator size and noise.
    • If you want the one that has a larger capacity then get the bigger generator. But, if you are an individual who is just plan to backup a generator for solar panel malfunction then it’s time to get a portable generator. On the other hand, noise is also a factor to learn. You need to look for a generator which is less noisy if you choose a remote area for your camping. Some people think that the disadvantage of using a generator is its noise, but today some brands are offering a less noise type of generator which is a great thing.
  • Know all your requirements or standard for a generator.
    • In case you have no idea about a generator, it’s always a good thing to read about a generator. Then, after knowing about it, it’s time for you to decide on requirements or your standard. You don’t need that very high one you just need a reliable one for your RV or Camper.

Final Thoughts

Are you planning for your next trip with the whole family or your whole circle of friends? Do you have a place to go for your adventure? Camping is another way for people in releasing their stress through nature. This is the best way as well to keep the family intact. Thus, there are things you need to remember first before taking a decision. First, distinguishing the place where to go and the type of transportation to take on.

Once, this thing is all clear it’s time to know what are the things you need to carry especially if you have kids with you. It’s a must to have always a backup plan for everything and so for your adventure. The generator is one of the equipment that can be considered as a backup thing. This will help you in times of emergency when your solar panels can suffice the power loads needed by you and the whole group. People prefer to have this for their convenience. 

They don’t need to worry anymore when far away from home, as they can use this for many purposes. To make this function you just need gasoline with you. What solar energy can give is similar to generators as well. There is a lot of rental RV/ camper in the society where they installed the RV with solar panels and supply them as well the generator in case there will be a problem with the solar energy. The thing is generator can give flexibility when traveling and at the same time the freedom to use this anywhere you want. You don’t need to worry if you choose a remote place or isolated area for camping. 

So if you’re planning your next trip, camping, hiking, and even just a simple sightseeing with the whole family it’s a great choice to have this inside your car, van, RV, or even motor home.

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