Best Guide for Buying A Camping Sleeping Bag 2022

To enjoy a decent night’s sleep in the woods, you need the proper gear. First, choose the right sleeping bag.

The good news for camping is that you don’t have to fret about weight or having to fit your bag in a pack, so you can go as plush or roomy as you’d like.

What’s the difference between a camping and a backpacking sleeping bag? 

While camping bags offer plenty of storage, backpacks can have a limited space. If you’ll be using one bag for both activities, choose a backpacking style because you need it to be lightweight if you’re going to carry it in a pack. Read How to Choose Sleeping Bags for Backpacking to learn more about bags for the backcountry.


Understanding Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

Unzipped bags that are too hot can easily be torn open. A sleeping bag should have a lower temperature rating than the area you plan to use it. If you plan to use your bag in winter, bags that can withstand colder temperatures are more appropriate.

Bag Type Temperature Rating (°F)
Summer Season +30° and higher
3-Season +15° to +30°
Winter +15° and lower

All this said, be aware that temperature ratings, which are based on an “average sleeper,” mainly allow you to compare bags to one other. A wide range of other factors affect how you’ll really feel once you’re outdoors: your sleeping pad, what you wear sleeping, humidity and wind, your metabolism and more.


The best way to pick a sleeping bag size

Best sleeping bags

Campers want lots of room for movement. Many bags are rectangular in shape. It’s hard to predict if you feel a bag is roomy enough without zipping yourself inside a bag. Three main kinds of sleeping bags are available:
  • Rectangular: They are large enough for your legs and arms to move easily. They can be used as comforters by taking out all the zippers.
  • Semi-rectangular: Also known as a “modified mummy” or “barrel” shape, this designation covers a variety of shapes, all of which offer a compromise between warmth and roominess.
  • Mummy: In order to boost warmth and cut weight, this bag style has a snug fit—you roll over with your bag rather than inside of it.
  • Wearable – These sleeping bags are very comfy. These sleeping bags can be worn as a sleeping bag.
  • Double bags: A bag designed for two people is the best option if you are sharing a bed. Another option is to choose rectangular bags designed for zipping together—the bags need to be the same model and brand. You can combine multiple bags if you have one bag with a left-hand zipper and another.
  • There are also sleeping bags designed for kids that can fit in the hand of a child. These sleeping bags can be smaller and more affordable than adult models.


What is the best type of sleeping bag insulation?

The big choice here is whether you want a bag that’s insulated with down fill or synthetic fill. This is a brief list of benefits that each insulation provides:

Type of insulation Key Benefit
Synthetic Insulation For insulation, use CheapContinues
Insulation using Down LightweightPerforms well in cold, dry weatherOften has a water-resistant treatment to protect it in damp conditionsCompresses small for easy packingIs durable—it retains loft and warmth well over the years

A note about ethical down: They take steps to make sure ducks and geese are treated respectfully by their brands. A bag can easily be identified if it is marked with RDS/TDS. Continue reading to find out more information about these standards. Animal Welfare and Outdoor Gear.


Additional Features of the Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag shells: The exterior fabric can either be nylon or durable polyester to protect against dampness. Inside the bag, you’ll find materials with a soft, warm texture.

Sleeping bag hood: A snug-fitting hood can make a bag much warmer, so you’re more likely to find hoods on bags with lower temperature ratings.

Zipper Features You can easily change the ventilation of a bag by using more than one zipper slider. Zipper protectors on the bag’s length can help prevent zipper snagging. Some bags have a zipper protector, others have a guard.

The stash pocket You can store your watch or lip balm in some bag’s zip-up pockets.


Sleeping Bag Accessories

Stuff sack: A sleeping bag stored in a stuff sack will take up less space when you stow it in your vehicle.

The storage bag: To insulation, it is extremely damaging to keep a bag inside its stuff bag for too much time. Bags are often made with cotton or large meshes. storage sack For long-term storage

Sleeping bag liner: Slip into a soft position is easy. sleeping bag liner This bag is great for keeping your bags clean and provides warmth when you are in need. Do you camp in heat? It doesn’t matter if you have a bag or a line.

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