Best Plasma Lighter for Camping, 8 Excellent Picks!

Are you tired of buying cheap lighters that seem to stop working when you need them on the campsite? Consider investing in the best plasma lighter for camping to stay lit all the time! It’s a butane-free and co-friendly alternative that can light anything up. From simple candles to intricate kitchen stoves – this lighter has got your back!

The best electric plasma lighters contain no flames, sparks, or smell, making them a must-have for any avid camper. 

In this post, I reviewed 8 of the best plasma lighters that every camper should have. See which one suits you the best! 

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Best Plasma Lighters of 2022

Why choose plasma lighters over butane lighters?

Everyone knows how crucial fire is when camping. It helps you stay warm, boil water, and cook food. 

But most campers face the same issue when making a campfire – the lighters don’t work! Or their flames keep dying down due to the wind. This is why many experienced campers have switched to plasma lighters. 

Personally, here are reasons why I would pick plasma lighters over butane lighters for camping:

  • They’re flameless. Regular butane lighters work on lighter fluid. So whenever you ignite them, they spark a small flame. But with plasma lighters, you don’t need to worry about getting burned anymore. They’re 100% flameless! 
  • No overwhelming odor. The smell of butane lighters comes from their burning fuel. But in plasma lighters, you don’t need to worry about this since they aren’t burning any fuel. 
  • Windproof. Since plasma lighters don’t burn fuel, they can withstand the wind. 
  • These lighters are sustainable. A plasma lighter is rechargeable, making them environmentally friendly. 
  • No more refilling. Plasma lighters don’t need fuel, so you never have to worry about refills again. 

If you’re planning on buying a plasma lighter for your next camping trip, the eight products below will give you value for your money!

Best Plasma Lighter for Camping – Our Top 8 Picks!

1. SIPOE Electric Plasma Lighter

Plasma Lighters

Product Name: SIPOE Electric Plasma Lighter

Product Description:

When it comes to the best plasma lighter for camping, you can never go wrong with the SIPOE Electric Plasma Lighter. This is SIPOE’s newest innovation for fire, offering advanced plasma technology, ideal for avid campers on the go. With this modern tech, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted your time on butane refills. Moreover, to suit the modern-day camper’s needs, it has a new re-engineered style. It offers a soft touch design, providing maximum comfort when in use. It comes with a 1.5 hour quick charge time that can last for more than 600 charges for added convenience. You can quickly tell its battery status through its upgraded indicator with four blue lights. But best of all, it comes with a 7-second shut-off function for your safety. Pair these ergonomic features with its slim, portable, and lightweight design, and you get the perfect fire-starting companion!

Why we love it:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Battery Quality

Overall Rating: 4.9

Offer price: $$

Availability: In-Stock

Lighter Summary:

Since this is a double arc plasma lighter, it’s perfect for long or group camping expeditions. Plus, it’s perfect for bigger flames. Its four-electrode flame offers twice the coverage of its single arc counterpart. For this reason, it sparks larger flames for quick and easier ignitions.

Overall, all avid campers should consider getting the SIPOE Electric Plasma Lighter for convenient, fast, and easy igniting. It’s ready-to-use straight from the packaging. However, remember to charge it often as its battery drains fast.


  • Flameless
  • Has a 7-second shut-off function for maximum safety
  • Made from top-quality materials
  • Boasts an ergonomic and sustainable design
  • Windproof and waterproof


  • It’s too big for regular-sized candles
  • If used continually, it can overheat fast


2. JUNTAI Electronic Rechargeable Plasma Lighter 

Lighter Description

If you want a flexible plasma lighter that can withstand any camping conditions, consider getting the JUNTAI Electronic Rechargeable Plasma Lighter. This product uses a single arc plasma for safer and more efficient ignition. 

You can use it to light anything, ranging from fireworks to candles. It does this by using the high voltage of its battery module. Through this, it generates an electric arc for an odorless and flameless ignition. 

It can instantly light and burn campfires minus the smoke and open flames. Plus, it makes it safer for you to carry. But the best part is, this plasma lighter is 100% windproof. That means you don’t need to worry about your fire dying out anytime soon. 

For your convenience, this lighter can be operated using one hand. It boasts a unique design where all you need to do is slide it in two directions and press the activation switch. 

This lighter is also USB rechargeable. You can directly connect it to a USB power socket on a computer, laptop, or portable charge for fast charging! 

Finally, you can light your campfires in style as this product comes in a variety of colors. From metal-frosted material shelling to a shimmering gold casing, there’s something for everyone!

If you’re looking for diversity and quality at an affordable price, this JUNTAI plasma lighter is unbeatable! 


  • Small and lightweight design for easy carry and storage
  • Made from top-quality aluminum alloy for lasting use
  • Has the latest portable charging interface design for convenient charging
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Available in different colors and styles


  • Continual use can melt the casing
  • A little fragile

3. RONXS Plasma Lighter 

Lighter Description

If you’re looking for a plasma lighter that would last for a while, the RONXS Plasma Lighter is your best bet. This is the upgraded model where it can now show real-time battery volume. 

With the new feature, you can now charge it when needed, helping you always stay prepared. Moreover, it provides more than 600 uses on a full charge. 

For added durability, the product comes with a wind- and splash-proof design. This protects the electric pulse from being disturbed by strong winds or rain. It’s the perfect companion when camping under bad weather. 

But what I like the most about this product is its unique design. It has an extended and flexible neck, which you can easily rotate 360 degrees for various needs. Plus, it’s ultralight, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use. 

Finally, you never have to worry about your safety when using this lighter ever again. Its multi-protect safety system ensures complete protection for everyone. 

Overall, the RONXS Plasma Lighter is a sturdy option for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll also get a USB charging cable, a gorgeous gift box, and a user manual with the product. 

The only thing that I wish they’d change is the design of the arc pulse. It catches all flammable materials whenever you use it. A good adjustment should be able to make it safer. 

Anyway, you can clean and remove its flammable materials with its attached brush.


  • Wind- and splash-proof for lasting use
  • Has a flexible and lightweight design for easy carry and storage
  • Uses a multi-protect safety system
  • Has a LED battery indicator to see battery volume conveniently
  • Rechargeable


  • You need to clean its arc pulse every time you use the lighter

4. SUPRUS Electric Plasma Lighter 

The SUPRUS Electric Plasma Lighter offers butane-free and flameless fire for safe and easy ignition. Through plasma tech, this product eliminates the need for using butane. It’s a sustainable alternative, making it well worth the price. 

For a more convenient experience, it comes with a wind- and splash-proof design. You don’t need to worry about your flames going out ever again. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, perfect for camping, BBQs, and hiking!

Moreover, to ensure your safety, the lighter follows a treble safety design. It has passed all the necessary tests from the RoHS, CE, and UL. Just make sure to adopt the updated version of ‘bonnet.’ This gives you treble protection. 

But for your safety, remember that igniting the spark will auto stop over 7 seconds per igniting. When this happens, restart the switch to re-ignite the igniting spark safely. 

In the package, you’ll also get a USB charging cable, a gift box, and a handy user manual. It’s all set for your convenience at the campsite. 

However, since it’s a single arc plasma lighter, it will be challenging to light up big campfires with it. But this isn’t much of an issue since you can add more tinder to the fire. 


  • Made from ceramics for added heat resistance
  • Has a portable and lightweight design for convenient carry and storage
  • Wind- and splash-proof
  • Rechargeable
  • Provides high security


  • It can only spark small flames

5. Tesla Coil Plasma Lighter 

Next on the list is the Tesla Coil Plasma Lighter. Every camper deserves high-quality gear. That’s why I highly recommend this product! Tesla Coil Lighters provides top-quality camping equipment all campers need. 

Most campers know the value of this brand because of its value for money. This plasma lighter is the best choice for camping. Many campers, including me, have proven this. 

I’ve used this lighter while on a camping trip in California, and it has done a great job in lighting up my campfires. It works by creating an electric arc, providing odorless and flameless ignition. 

But the best thing about this plasma lighter is that it has a built-in safety feature. With this, it won’t light up whenever its lid is closed, keeping you and other campers safe. 

This lighter can last up to 7 days or between 100 to 300 uses. You can get this in different colors, ranging from gray to espresso brown. 

Overall, the Tesla Coil Plasma Lighter offers quality and functionality in one package. It’s perfect for year-round camping! 

But I wish it had a more ergonomic design. That’s because its contacts were too close, making it difficult to light things. These include candles and cigars. 


  • Boasts top-quality and sturdy construction
  • Can light cigars quicker than other brands
  • Lights cigarettes faster than most users expected
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Available in different colors and styles


  • Inconvenient design

6. REIDEA Plasma Arc Lighter 

For campers who go on expeditions often, I highly recommend the REIDEA Plasma Arc Lighter. Compared to other lighters, this product can ignite faster and more conveniently. Plus, it’s safer to use, protecting you from getting burnt. 

Moreover, it contains no butane. It uses plasma technology, providing a chemical-free and odorless ignition. 

For your convenience, the product also has a windproof and flameless design. It’s safe to use in strong winds and under heavy rains. You can use it for candles, grills, and campfires regardless of the weather. 

What I like the most about this plasma lighter is that it is rechargeable. With this, you can charge it whenever and wherever you want.

Overall, the REIDEA Plasma Arc Lighter can let you light up fire no matter the weather. You’ll also get a charging cable aside from the lighter itself. 

This is an excellent plasma lighter, but I noticed that it’s flimsier than other models. Excessive vibrations might damage its internal components. 

Other than that, I don’t see any major issues, especially since it’s such a steal for its price!


  • Has a windproof design
  • Can create flames without gas or oil
  • Butane-free and flameless ignition
  • Portable and lightweight for easy carry and storage
  • Available in different colors and styles


  • Fragile
  • Excess vibration may cause internal damage

7. LcFun Rechargeable-Flameless-Plasma Lighter 

The LcFun Rechargeable-Flameless-Plasma Lighter is perfect for hardcore campers that go on expeditions frequently. It’s a multipurpose lighter that can withstand any weather and light up anything. With this, you can light up your campfires under any circumstance.

This fire-starter tool has an economical and Eco-friendly design. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for gas-free, butane-free, and odorless ignition. Plus, no more refilling! 

It’s made from top-quality zinc alloy and ABS material, making it incredibly durable. Plus, it comes with a sturdy paracord lanyard, making it easier to carry during camping. 

To top off its sustainability and durability, this lighter is also waterproof! It has a waterproof metal ring sealed in its cover and locking clasp. Moreover, it is rated as an IP56 Waterproof System, ensuring no water seeps inside. 

What I like the most about this product is that it comes with good after-sales service. If you aren’t satisfied with the lighter, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase. 

Plus, if you have any issues with the lighter, LcFun’s customer service team is always happy to help! 

Overall, this is a durable and stylish lighter that you can bring to any expedition. For its build and price, I don’t have any regrets. However, I suggest charging it now and then as its battery tends to drain fast with excess use. 


  • Rated as an IP56 waterproof system
  • Windproof and flameless ignition
  • Economical and eco-friendly design
  • Made with top-quality ABS and zinc alloy for lasting use
  • Rechargeable


  • Battery life is short
  • Can’t light things that isn’t directly in its plasma arcs

8. Ralix Plasma Lighter

My last but definitely not the least pick for the best plasma lighter for camping is the Ralix Plasma Lighter. It’s a high-end rechargeable plasma lighter made for convenient lighting. It’s the perfect companion for those who insist on buying only the best!

It’s made from durable zinc alloy for added durability. Plus, its one-arch light is so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you settled for butane lighters in the past. Pair these alongside its fitted cap and one-click button; striking up a flame has never been this easy!

With Ralix, there’s no need to rub your thumb to spark flames! It quickly and easily activates at the simple touch of a button. So why waste time with burly disposable lighters when there’s a much more convenient way? 

Moreover, it has a weather-resistant build, perfect for winter camping. It creates electric currents hotter than any flame from standard butane lighters. For this reason, it can easily withstand strong winds and heavy rains. 

For your convenience, it’s also rechargeable. Its USB plug-in allows for fast charging. All you need to do is plug in to refuel! You don’t need to use gas or other liquid fuels to bring this plasma lighter to life. 

One charge can create up to 300 sparks. 

Overall, the Ralix Plasma Lighter is a sleek lighter that’s easy to use and works every time! My only issue is that its battery is quick to drain. 

Anyway, you can charge it more often for your convenience.


  • Windproof design
  • 100% rechargeable, doesn’t rely on gas or liquid fuel
  • One click lighting for your convenience
  • Has a sturdy zinc alloy body for lasting use
  • Sleek and modern build


  • Battery life doesn’t last long
  • Can’t light up large cigars

How to choose the best plasma lighter for camping

Not all plasma lighters are alike. To find the best companion for you, you’ll need to consider what functions matter the most. So you should keep the following points in mind: 

✔️ Consider its usage.

You’ll need to think about what you will use your plasma lighter for before purchasing one. Generally, good lighters should be able to light campfires within a short period. 

But it would be best if you also considered unexpected things that may happen during emergencies. You must ensure that your lighter will be able to take a beating and still function. 

✔️ Check for its quality.

Plasma lighters should be sturdy enough that it won’t break if it falls to the hard ground. You need to have one that you can put to use anytime you need it. After all, anything can happen when you go out camping. 

Rugged plasma lighters should still be able to produce flames even if it falls from a high area. So make sure to pick lighters that can withstand impact easily. 

✔️ Determine its reliability.

The weather is unpredictable. So when choosing a lighter, you need to ensure it can withstand all climate conditions. You’ll need to have a reliable plasma lighter whenever you go camping in the snow and rain. 

It should be able to work most of the time, even under strong winds or floods. But for your safety, it’s best to bring more than one lighter when going camping. 

✔️ Is it waterproof?

A crucial feature among plasma lighters is it being waterproof. That’s because you need to have one that you can rely on no matter the weather. Whether it’s the snow or rain, it should be able to withstand them with ease. 

Some lighters come with waterproof sealed rings to keep the water out. Meanwhile, others have a waterproof casing, keeping the moisture and air out. 

Either way, this is one of the most crucial features you need to be looking for, as camping can be spontaneous. You can never predict the weather, and the environment isn’t going to be warm and dry all the time. 

Additionally, its base material should be corrosion resistant to keep in top condition even after exposure to water and air. 

✔️ Check for portability.

Lighters themselves are made as portable fire-starter devices. However, to ensure it’s light on your pockets, you need to check its overall weight. After all, it’s one of the essential things you need to keep close on hand at all times. 

Moreover, it must be optimized for easy hand-carrying in different survival instances. There are several kinds of portable plasma lighters. 

Some have the shape of a capsule, which is compact and has a decent weight factor. You can bring these when you go camping, hiking, or even mountain climbing! While others have flexible designs where you can bend them to your convenience. 

Remember that every ounce is crucial when you’re packing a plasma lighter for camping. Overall, the perfect plasma lighter is tough yet compact and lightweight. 

✔️ Battery backup.

Plasma lighters with more battery backup are ideal. This feature lets you use the lighter for prolonged periods without the need to charge it. When camping for several days or even weeks, a battery backup can come in handy. After all, the battery is the main key in this process. 

✔️ Hands-free.

A more advanced feature of plasma lighters is hands-free operation. It allows users to press a button to produce fire. But this feature isn’t available in all plasma lighters. 

In survival situations where you can’t use both hands, this becomes a vital factor. Today, many lighters can do several things. They can be made to make fire or be the only heat source

✔️ Wind resistance.

Plasma lighters usually are wind- and splash-proof. That’s because they don’t use gas or liquid fuel to strike fire. However, make sure the product can withstand heavy rains and strong winds for your safety. 

This factor is critical if you plan on camping in the mountains, where it’s very windy. Overall, don’t ever forget to bring a lighter that you can depend on in any weather!

Tips when using a plasma lighter to increase its life

  • Charge it properly. Most plasma lighters have a set charging time. To avoid overcharging and shortening your lighter’s lifespan, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Only charge it when it reaches 20% to 30% battery life as going earlier can damage the lighter. Plus, when it’s fully charged, remove it immediately. 
  • Clean it often. The more frequently you clean your plasma lighter, the longer it will last. When you use it for some time without cleaning, you’ll see a buildup on electrodes. These can block the lighter’s mechanisms, damaging it along the way. 
  • Protect it from high temperatures. Prolonged exposure to scorching temperatures can cause severe heat damage to the lighter. So make sure to store it in a cool and dry environment. 
  • Never expose it to direct sunlight. Limited exposure is fine, but overdoing it can damage your lighter. Plus, it can become a severe fire hazard when left out in the sun for too long. 
  • Proper storage goes a long way. When not in use, keep the lighter in a dry and cool place where it can’t become exposed to water or moisture. 
  • Use responsibly. Never hold down the lighter’s button longer than necessary. Otherwise, this can damage its battery’s longevity. When in use, keep it away from flammable materials. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is getting a plasma arc lighter worth it?

A: Plasma lighters are worth every penny as they can light anything you want, from candles to gas stoves. You can achieve all these regardless if you’re camping outdoors on a rainy or windy day, as most models are wind- and splash-proof. Moreover, they’re rechargeable. Finally, it’s a safer option compared to butane lighters or matches. 

Q: Are plasma lighters safe?

A: Plasma lighters are safer compared to standard butane lighters, firelighters, and matches. They’re safe to use, thanks to their flameless and odorless operations. They’re also easier to control than other lighters. The best part is that plasma lighters can’t accidentally burn things as regular lighters would do.  

Q: How long will a plasma lighter last?

A: Plasma lighters can last longer than most would expect. It can hold its charge for up to hundreds of uses or days of constant use. That means even if you forget it in your pockets for an extended time, it would still be able to light up campfires, cigars, and more!

Q: Can touching a plasma lighter hurt me?

A: Touch a plasma lighter’s electric arcs can hurt you through shocks that you’d get from static electricity. It can feel like a sharp bite but ten times more potent. So avoid touching the lighter’s plasma arcs. But if you do touch these arcs on accident, you don’t need to worry about permanent damage. 

Q: Are plasma lighters better than butane lighters?

A: Plasma lighters are far better than their butane counterparts as they’re sustainable, more convenient, and safe to use. Unlike standard butane lighters, you can use plasma lighters again – and again. Plus, they’re wind- and splash-proof, making the outdoor lifestyle simpler and enjoyable.

Final Words

With the best plasma lighter for camping on hand, you’ll never have to worry about your fire going out whether you’re out camping on a rainy, windy, or snowy day. Just make sure you buy one that suits your needs the best. But in the end, convenience, functionality, and safety should be your priority.

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