RV Solar Panels: Ultimate Guide

You should know the answer of this question ” how many solar panels do I need for my RV”. This should be the first thing to know.

A recreational vehicle or also known as RV, allows every individual to go on a trip in the most convenient way. This serves as a homey vehicle for everybody. Allow you to take a rest by touring around or just enjoying the scenic view. You can use this vehicle for various adventures and purposes, such as camping, mountaineering, climbing, and a lot more. Some people prefer this as their new home as it’s known for low maintenance. This has the ability to give you comfort and other aspects a house can give as well. Others use this vehicle for the said adventure. 

On the other hand, solar energy is known as the cleanest kind of energy for consumption. Most people prefer to use this kind of energy for their appliances. This is to save money as it is more thrifty to use. When this solar energy is applied for solar consumption, you will need a solar panel. This solar panel will allow the energy from the sun to enter the panel, the energy can be stored by the solar battery. When having this two, you can fully enjoy certain activities with your friends and family. This will help you to work your little space with an RV. You can drive anywhere you want and feel that your like just at home and in your comfort.

Planning to do this with your friends and family? You need to ask first yourself, what are the other things that might help choose the right brand, accurate brands for solar panels, and why it is beneficial with your purpose? To know more read the full context of this blog.

How Many Solar Panels You Need For Your RV

The best answer that suits this question is it’s doesn’t matter how many solar panels you will put on the RV. But what matters the most is the selected wattage you want for your solar panels. This can be considered as the main setup or the basic one for the RV. The great thing about solar panels installed in your RV is you can do what you want on a trip or an adventure. 

Whether you choose two or more solar panel its doesn’t matter the only one that matter is the number of watts a solar panel handle. There is a lot of brand for solar panel today you can choose from. Make sure that you will get the one with high quality partnered by the great solar battery. Hence, it’s a good question to ask why a solar panel is important to have in an RV? Here is the information you need to know why a solar panel plays a significant role.

Why You Need a Solar Panel In Your RV

1. Clean energy, equivalent to less noise type of energy to use.

One of the best things when you camping is to be with nature and with the special people in your lives. You want to forget for the meantime the busy city, the sound of traffic, and even the crowded community. So, for you to focus much on the meditation you want to achieve for a clearer mind you need less noise. This must be the people why a lot of people choose mountains, other than remote areas to go on camping.

They prefer to be in a greenish environment, then at the park. Interacting with nature keeps your mind clean, relieves stress, and helps you to relax at the same time. Solar energy helps you to consume clean energy from the sun and a less noise type of energy. This one is perfect for an RV, wherein you are able to sleep well and your amenities to the fullest. If you have your own electrical appliances, then you can use this with the help of your solar panels. Whether you choose to live in the RV with your family permanently, or just to use for camping always choose the RV with solar panels. You are able to contribute to the environment, keeping it clean and natural.

On the other hand, if you choose a generator to use with your RV, it’s not that practical as solar energy. A generator is noisy and not eco-friendly to use as you need gasoline to make it work. Another thing is you will not be able to rest well because of its noise.

2. You can save more money.

If you want to save a lot of money while touring around or staying permanently then you will need to consider having a solar panel in your RV. This is one of the perks you expect when using solar panels. When you choose to use solar panels you just need to buy one at a time. You don’t need to buy it repeatedly, unlike when you use a generator you need to buy gasoline, whenever you use it.

You can save money for this thing, you don’t need to worry about solar panels. Hence, you need a larger value of watts for your solar panel for you to store solar energy easily and in a faster way. Gasoline is for the generator to function. But for the solar panel energy from the sun which is free is only applicable. So, if you plan to live in an RV or to go on camping using an RV with a solar panel is very practical.

3. Environmental-friendly. 

Aside from the fact that using solar panels in your RV is more practical, it is also eco-friendly. When using a solar panel you are just using the energy from the sun which is natural, without any chemicals. The only thing that makes it work is solar energy, that converts by the solar battery. When using a generator, you can always expect its harmful effect, this includes carbon monoxide poisoning, which may harm the environment. When you go on camping, you will be with nature for a number of days, thus you need to be environmentally minded.

Through this, you are able to help nature and at the same time help you from being healthy. On the bigger screen, solar is more likely to bring the newest form of energy and a great future ahead for the environment. Let encourage everybody to stay more in natural ways and in friendly manners with the environment so that things will get back better.

4. You are free to travel anywhere you want.

If you are an adventurous individual, and to travel as your tranquil of enjoyment, then having a solar panel is a must. You are able to use your electric appliance either along with travel with the help of solar panels and solar energy. As long as there is the sun that comes to the panel, then you don’t need to worry that much. When you are going on camping, you are free to travel to different scenic places in your community. Using RV is way more easy, fast and convenient at the same time.

Another thing is that you don’t need to worry about the outrage of electricity as you can use this along as you want.  The larger amount of watts the more and longer you can use this for your adventure. Whenever you want to be it’s always the best idea to go further places for you to relax and enjoy at the same time.

5. Your local policies and regulations.

Some countries prefer their localities to use solar panels more often than using a generator. Local policies and regulations may help the people to be more disciplined, so to be the more responsible individual, you need to know these various facts. Camping may be easier if you would follow policies and regulations. A solar panel is very helpful in being a responsible one. This will help the environment and at the same time, you can save a lot of money.

Steps In Choosing Solar Panels For Your RV: What You Need To Know?

Step 1:

Sum up all the possible expenses for the installation of solar panels. The first thing you should consider when you want to choose a solar panel is to know all the expenses for this. Look for the brand which has good quality but at the same very affordable. There are a lot of manufacturers today who can give these two things to their customers. If you buy an RV for a particular purpose such as for trips, camping, and many more, then try to get first the smaller ones.

A small solar panel power will depend on its consisting wattage. You don’t need to get the biggest one for your first purchase of solar panels. Then, after knowing what you want, you need to calculate all the expenses you will have in the future. Thus, always open your door for improving your solar panels to experience the best out of using them. 

Step 2:

Know your target charging system and how much energy you will be needing. This is a must for every individual who wants to use an RV for their interest. The thing is that a bigger solar panel that has a larger photovoltaic cell will have a larger amount of electricity as well. You need to know your appliances well before using them. This includes the following information: how it works, how much voltage does it need to function, and also its charging system. These three are important for you to know before you choose a solar panel for your RV. 

Step 3:

Assess your solar panel with solar energy. After choosing the brand of the solar panel and deciding how much energy you will need, it’s time for you to assess it. You need to know your solar panel well, and at the same time your solar energy. Your solar energy will serve as your electricity storage. This will store the energy converted by the solar panel. Enable you to use electricity even if it’s raining. The solar battery will save energy for you and for you to use your appliances most conveniently. Get the battery that will match your solar panel capacity. If you have a larger amount of electricity needed for your RV then get the solar panel which has a larger number of photovoltaic cells. Also, get a bigger solar battery. This will allow you to store energy efficiently.

Step 4:

Installation of solar panel, solar battery, and the charging system. You need to assess everything before going to this step for safety and protection as well This would be the probably last step for you to consider. When you plan everything then you need to take this action. Installation is easier if you hire the best team to do this thing. You don’t need to worry as many people are doing this as their business. You will be able to know if your choices are effective when the installation is complete and you can use your solar panels. 

Final Thoughts

Living in this type of society we have today is such a challenge as the environment is not that natural as before. We live in an era where there are a lot of changes already. And to turn back the favor in the environment it’s always the best idea to live as an eco-friendly individual. The best way is to choose to use solar energy as your source of electricity. 

For many people who love to stay outside and do stuff like traveling and camping with a vehicle then this must be a great choice to use. RV is also a better option for these activities and with the help of solar panels. You can live just like the feeling when you’re home. Are you not sure about the one that you have today as the source of electricity? Another question to ask, if it’s not enough for your appliance’s needs? Try to read this blog and learn more. After reading this, then it’s time for you to improve and try living naturally today! 

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