How to Install a Flat Screen TV in an RV

Well, camping is already fun and enjoyable. But, the time will come that we will want to watch our favorite movie. Actually, it is possible to do that, just sit back and relax while watching TV inside an RV. The only way for you to do this is to understand how to install a flat screen TV in an RV.

Here, we have different ways and ideas on mounting a flat screen TV inside the limited space of the camper. Check here for those and see which one suits your preference. 

How to Install a Flat Screen TV in an RV: Look for TV Installation Accessories

Aside from the flat screen TV that you will have to install inside your RV, you also need other accessories that can help you in doing so. Here are some of those important accessories that you need.


TV power is actually important so that you can able to run and watch movie on the TV in an RV. However, a normal high power TV is not applicable in an RV. The power of an RV is generally limited and that you only need a 12-volts TV that work appropriately on the RV.


Adaptor acts to connect the TV to the RV. You can actually see numbers of adaptors in the market. But, look for the one that can decrease the power of electronics being used.

*TV Reception

Installation of a flat screen TV in an RV needs the consideration of a cable or TV reception. Most RV parks offer local cable reception in which you can borrow while you stay there.


Basically, you also need to install an antenna in the RV. This is to support the reception coming from the parking space or dish satellite that you have.

*TV Mount

Deciding on the type of TV mount for the RV is really important. However, you should keep in mind that the TV mount should be durable and reliable enough to support the flat screen TV to be installed in an RV.

How to Install a Flat Screen TV in an RV: Knowing the Right TV Mount

Actually, before you dig in mounting a flat screen TV inside the RV, you must have an idea on the type of TV mount that you will be going to use. Aside from that, make sure that the TV mount is highly compatible with your TV. However, you will notice that some types of TV mounts give better performances under a specific situation.

Below are the main basic types of TV mount that you should know:

TV Mount: the Fixed Type

The simplest mount available in the market, the Fixed Type TV Mount is also the most budget-friendly type. Aside from that, the location of the fixed mount should be near the wall. This is the feature that makes this type of TV mount different from the rest.

Moreover, the Fixed Mount Type is a perfect choice for those RV campers who love watching TV in front of it inside the RV. Make sure that the flat screen TV placement is on an eye-level.

TV Mount: Tilted Mounting

There will be times that you will want to install a flat screen TV in an RV with just above the eye-level. Actually, this makes screen glaring a common issue of watching inside an RV. But, the best solution for this is to use a tilted mounting for TV. Moreover, to comprehend with the less-than-preeminent viewing placement, this type of TV mounting offers vertical angle correction.

The tilted TV mount type has a standard range of tilting about 8 to 20 degrees. And most of the models of this type that are available in the market fall in this range. This tilted mounting can generally make a difference.

TV Mount: Adjustable Bracing

If you want to install a flat screen TV in an RV that can either extend or retract outwards or within the wall, then the adjustable TV mount type is the one for you. This is highly versatile compared to other types of TV mounting. So, you can comfortably view your favorite movie when the flat screen is in an outward position. Or, you can snugly place it close to the wall as you can retract it when not in use.

With this type of TV mount, you are able to choose the position of the tilt. Meaning, you can either point it to the left or to the right. Other models offer the brace movement into a 360-degree round circle movement.

But, there is one drawback in case you have to use an adjustable mount that is not suitable for RV installation. In case you will use the normal adjustable TV mount for home-use, you will experience a movement of the adjustable arm the moment the RV stir up. This will eventually lead to a mount or TV damaging. The worse, it can even hurt RV passengers.

If you would opt for the adjustable type of TV mount, it is better to look for the one that is generally intended for RV use. It is actually for the reason that you have the ability to lock and fix the adjustable arm if the RV is continuously moving. Additionally, an internal vibration reducer is a part of its feature so that it will lengthen the TV life.

TV Mount: Below Cabinet Mounts

how to install a flat screen tv in an rv
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This type of TV mount is generally perfect for RVs with small rooms and smaller flat screen TV. The most space-saving type of TV mounts for RV, the below cabinet mount type allows you to use the available counter space under the cabinet.

If you have flat screen TVs having a size of 10 to 24-inches of the screen, this mount type is the right choice. Moreover, this could also hold any TV that can fit on the storage or kitchen cabinets. However, one drawback that you can experience for this type of TV mount is the struggle of connecting cables to the TV.

TV Mount: Other Types and Ideas

Aside from the main types of TV mounting discussed above, here are other creative ideas in mounting a flat screen TV inside the RV. Check it all out!

Elevated Plywood Mount with Drag Down Operation

Well, the installation of this TV mounting idea is also as easy as the other types. However, it is the type of TV mounting that is rarely used because the overall expense for it is quite high. But, in terms of flexibility feature, this TV mounting is a good one.

Like the adjustable bracing type, this TV mounting idea can also be adjusted in height. The option of adjusting it to the maximum height measurement of 20” is possibly based on the model. With this, you have the option to alter the viewing line of the TV in the RV to a position near you.

 The Inner Cabinet Rotating Arm TV Mount

Another camper’s choice in terms of flexibility, this TV mounting idea can swing the TV out inside the RV cabinet without the need for refinishing any affected plywood. Moreover, you can also put any items behind the available space at the back of the TV area. Although it still requires plywood but only for the purpose of mounting the surface on the inner part of the cabinet. An additional locking system is also needed so that the flat screen TV won’t keep on swivelling while the RV is moving.

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Outdoor TV Mounting Option

Well, if you want to add an extra challenge to your camping adventure, opting for an outdoor TV mounting is the right one for you. Since most types of TV especially the flat screen type cannot able to manage the outside elements, it is better to look for TV mounts for RV that can allow the detachment of the TV. This is for the purpose of safekeeping the TV when not in use. Another option using this TV mounting idea is to put it inside the RV basement.

Various Techniques on How to Install a Flat Screen TV in an RV

The ways of installing a flat screen TV in an RV generally depends on the area or on another device where you want to place it. Actually, options on how to install a flat screen TV in an RV include attaching it to the TV box. You could also try to mount it on a wall or just right beneath the RV cabinet. All the ways you want, we have it here.

Installing a Flat Screen TV in an RV – The Basic Guide

If you want to mount a flat screen TV in an RV right away, check this basic procedure of doing so:

  1. Basically, look for the right TV Mount for your RV.
  2. Demount the old TV, if there is any. Also, dislodge any unwanted mounting equipment attached to the old TV tubing.
  3. Think of an idea on how you will attach the TV Mount to your RV and look for the area where you want to mount it.
  4. If needed, try to assemble an area that will hold the RV TV Mount securely. Usually, you will need about 3/4” plywood here. Ideally, consider doing this measurement even for a rigid area as this is generally enough to secure your TV. Basically, this area will accept the weight of the TV and, at the same time, the RV movement.
  5. Use a fastener or bolts with nuts and washer to secure the TV Mount on the RV. Make sure that it is quite heavier in case of toughness.
  6. Moreover, you need to add some accessories like straps or Velcro to secure the mount. This is highly applicable for Wall Mounts or Tilt Mounts.

Mounting a Flat Screen TV in an RV – Attaching in an Existing TV Box

Usually, a TV box is something that can found on older TVs. If you have this, you can generally overhaul it and modify it to make it more compatible with your flat screen TV inside your RV. Primarily, installation of an extra wooden frame on the inner portion of the box is needed to secure the mount.

Step 1: Make horizontal frames

Initially, take off the old tube TV that comes from the built-in TV box. Get the measurement of the inner part of the TV box as it is required in the TV wall-mount placement. Moreover, this measurement indicates the corner of the horizontal frames that will support the mount securely in place. Use a pencil in marking this measurement.

From that dimension, put on an additional measurement of about 1.625”. Put markings on both the top and bottom located at the sidewalls of the box.

Step 2: Build and attach the vertical supports

Get the height of the TV box and based on the measured length, cut 2×4 plywood of two pieces. These will be the supports of the vertical position that will help the horizontal frames.

On both sides of the TV box, mount the two-pieces of the vertical frames. Generally, use 2.5 to 3-inch wood screws of four pieces for this step. In case you need any added support, basically, place a strong L bracket on both the horizontal and vertical frames.

Step 3:  Attach the horizontal frames

Take the height of the TV based on your preferences. Afterwards, place the horizontal frames appropriately. Using a screw measuring at least three inches, screw each horizontal frames. You will be using about eight pieces of screws here. Moreover, it is actually better if you already pre-drill the frames so that you will be guaranteed that the screws will not cause any damage to the wood.

Step 4: Mark the TV wall mount locations

Basically, look for the center of the horizontal beams and measure them. Put some markings on the locations where you will be attaching the wall mount of the TV for your RV. In case you will use three-pieces of bolts to support the mount, attach the end using two bolts placed on the top. It is also better to pre-drill the holes for the wall mounts. Use the 1/4 inch drill bit for drilling the bolts before installing the wall mount.

Step 5: Place the TV into the mount

Attaching the flat screen TV to the mount is the final step on how to install a flat screen TV in an RV on the existing TV box. Basically, you can also mount two brackets on each side, both on the opposite ends of the TV. This will generally secure the TV in place.

For doing that, you need one piece of the basic 1/2 x 1-inch wood for making the bracket. Meanwhile, also have available heavy-duty screws of about 1/4-inch and a bracer so that you can extend the bracket.

How to Install a Flat Screen TV in an RV – Mounting it on the Wall

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There are RVs that do not have an internal TV box in them. For that reason, your option would be to install a flat screen TV in an RV wall. You can also do this if you plan to mount the flat screen TV in a different area inside your RV.

Step 1: Look for the appropriate position for the flat screen TV on the wall

Finding the preferred position for the flat screen TV in an RV necessitates asking the assistance of someone. Ask them to hold the TV against the wall while sitting or lying in the area where you will watch the TV.

Step 2: Find the wall studs

Basically, look for the wall studs using the stud finder. The wall studs will be helpful in installing a flat screen TV mount in an RV. Moreover, put markings on the preferred location through a pencil or tape.

Step 3: Start drilling the pilot holes

One step on how to install a flat screen TV in an RV is by drilling the pilot holes for the mounting screws. Generally, do this through the use of a masonry bit of an appropriate size.

Step 4: Mount the bracket

Usually, there is an available bracket included in the package as a flat screen TV accessory. Having this, try to utilize such kind of accessory in mounting a flat screen TV in an RV.

Step 5: Attaching to the flat screen TV

After mounting the bracket, it is now time to link the mounting plate into the back portion of the flat screen TV in your RV. Afterwards, link the mounting plate into the TV mount this time.

Step 6: Hook it up

Finally, hook the flat screen TV into the antenna of the RV or to the RV’s satellite dish.

Stationing a Flat Screen TV in an RV – Fix it Beneath the Cabinet

Actually, if you are looking for the easiest way to install a flat screen TV in an RV, just go with fixing it right under the cabinet. Basically, you’ll need to comply with the instructions indicated in attaching the TV below the cabinet using screws. Afterwards, you can fix the flat screen TV to the mount in an RV.  

Final Thoughts

There are different ways on how to install a flat screen TV in an RV. And luckily, most of them involve very easy steps. Just make sure that you’ve got all the materials ready on-hand so that you can properly place the flat screen TV inside your RV. Doing so will make your staycation with your RV really comfortable with uninterrupted TV viewing and continuous movie watching.

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