Pop Up Campers – A Detailed Guide

Are you just a beginner in camping and want to invest in an RV without spending too much? Well, the pop up campers will be the ultimate answer for the quest. It is actually a wonderful type of recreational vehicle that offers you the best experience of camping in a tent and the comfort of having a travel trailer. But, before buying one, it is generally essential for you to know the pros and cons of pop up campers. 

In this blog post, we will unravel the advantages and disadvantages associated with owning a pop up camper. We also have here some of the factors that you need to consider before digging into having this kind of camping equipment. See why or why not you need to buy a pop up camper!

What are Pop Up Campers?

When we speak of travel vehicles, pop up campers are recreational vehicles that are highly collapsible into a large type of box inside a trailer. One of the wonders of the pop up campers is their transformation into its smaller size when you store it. Usually, setting up this type of recreational vehicle entails sticking out 2 queen size beds on the front and back panels of it. Moreover, there is also a tiny kitchen sink and a stove.

There is also a dining table present which can also be transformed into a bed. Surprisingly, the pop up campers also include bathrooms that have toilets and showers. Refrigerators, air conditioning units, and heaters may also be included as an option. Compared to RVs, the pop up campers are generally accessible most likely to an average-sized family.

Factors Affecting Your Buying Decision for Pop Up Campers

Aside from the price, buying the pop up campers generally includes a number of factors. Additionally, things for inspection are also lining up when it comes to buying the used ones. It is also important to have an idea of the pros and cons of pop up campers when you decide to buy a brand new one. But, before that, here are some of the factors that you must have to consider in the first place.

1-Number of people sleeping inside the camper

Basically, a minimum of 3 beds is the ideal number of sleeping areas inside the pop up campers. This means that the capacity should be at least 3. Following that headcount will highly offer a spacious sleeping area.

2-Size of the storage

The storage in a pop up camper is generally extravagant especially when you consider the storage of an RV. Inside the camper’s kitchen area, there are cabinets waiting for you to store up something. There are also some storage spots below the dining table and even on the external part of the camper. Moreover, getting a bigger pop up camper will also increase your camper’s storage area.

3-Average weight for towing

With a weight of about 1,000 to 3,000 pounds, you can basically have your bare pop up camper without any other thing in it. And the moment you put in some supplies in the kitchen or other items like bikes, you may decide to incorporate an extra 200 to 500 pounds of those gears. So, in terms of towing out the camper in a safer way, just simply get the camper’s weight and add the 500 pounds in it. That way, you will be sure that your vehicle can tow the camper safely.

Pros and Cons of Pop Up Campers – In Details

In addition to the above-mentioned things for consideration when buying this collapsible type of recreational vehicle, the pros and cons of pop up campers are also here in detail to help you in your decision making. Primarily, the pop up campers tend to be inexpensive compared to other RVs. As w go further, let us explore the pros and cons of pop up campers.

The PROS of Pop Up Campers

To begin with, let us discuss the pros of buying pop up campers.

pros and cons of pop up campers

Opting to buy a brand new pop up camper will show you that its purchasing cost is around less than 10K. You will relatively notice the cost savings of this recreational vehicle once you tend to compare it with the price of the travel trailer. At the price of 15K, you can buy a travel trailer yet it can still go up depending on the brand and model.

Moreover, buying an already used pop up will lead you to the one having a price of less than 5K. There are instances that you will fall on used pop up ranging from 1K to 2K. But, with this price range, you will have to expect some needed work or overhaul on the pop up camper. The good thing is that fixing a pop up camper can be easily done in a do-it-yourself way. And that is an added bonus on the pros and cons of pop up campers.


Looking at the pros and cons of pop up campers, you will see that its small size and having lightweight features are its wonderful advantages. This is in comparison with a standard travel trailer available in the market. With that in mind, you can easily access in and out of the campsite. Additionally, the weight of the pop up camper is around lower than 2,000 lbs.


Another inclusion in the pros of pop up campers is its ability to be towed by any type of vehicle. However, this is highly dependent on the weight of the pop up campers. For instance, you can use a Toyota Corolla in towing pop up campers weighing about 1,500 lbs.

Moreover, towing a pop up camper is generally much safer compared to 5th wheels and travel trailers. These two recreational vehicles have a high potential of swaying or fishtailing if not properly loaded. In the case of pop up campers, this collapsible RV has a low profile in terms of folding. It creates more aerodynamics that usually takes away some of the associated risks in towing larger pull-behind.


Mostly, tent camping requires you to roughing it out but it is not the case when it comes to the use of pop up campers. Although not showcasing full features like the travel trailers, campers do have amenities that offer comfort to the users. Some models actually boast water holding tanks, oven ranger, sink and faucet, and dinette. Others have air-conditioning or are ready to have air A/C in it.


We all know that tent camping will generally get you in touch with nature. Literally, on a tent camping, your flooring would be the bare ground of nature. But, in a pop up camper, you will not be experiencing this kind of uncomfortable sleeping on the ground. A pop up camper is basically a recreational vehicle with foldable pop up tent in it. With that, you will have the chance of sleeping on a comfortable mattress while you have the sense of being inside a tent.


Aside from being initially expensive, a travel trailer also necessitates you to put out your expenses on its storage. If you do not have enough space in your living area to park a travel trailer then you need to look for a garage to store your RV and pay for it. One of the advantages included in the pros and cons of pop up campers is the easy and convenient storage for it.

Most of the time, storing a pop up camper is highly feasible even in a residential garage. That way, you will generally save thousands of dollars in a year for your storage fee. Aside from that, you will also have the chance to have a routine check-up on your camper to maintain its cleanliness and preparing for it for your next outdoor trip.

The CONS of Pop Up Campers

As part of the pros and cons of pop up campers is the downside of owning this kind of recreational vehicle. And here are the disadvantages of having one.

pros and cons of pop up campers

This one of the cons of pop up campers tends to turn off numbers of potential users. The absence of a bathroom is actually a big inconvenience if you would have to travel inside an RV. Who would have wanted to get up and walk outside the middle of the wilderness just to excrete your bodily wastes?

However, the good news is some modern models of pop-up campers incorporated bathrooms inside it. Yet, it is not the usual bathroom that you think. It is something like that of a toilet. There is this version of the toilet known as the cassette toilet. This is a chemical toilet where is placed inside a small and cramped cabinet on some campers.


Initially, pop up campers are really affordable. But, you will generally need to invest more of your bucks if you want to have that roomy, spacious, and well-constructed pop up. Therefore, if your camper is larger, you need to spend more of your money to have it.


We mentioned earlier that one of the advantages included in the pros and cons of pop up campers is its ability to be towed by any kind of vehicle even if the vehicle is too small. But, it gets null the moment you opt to buy a bigger pop up camper.


In terms of accommodation, the sleeping capacity inside the pop up campers is only limited to at least 3 persons and it should not exceed 4. This is primarily due to its size. When you compared it to travel trailers that can handle a maximum of 5 to 8 occupants, the lower headcount of a pop up is one of the cons of pop up campers.


Another one of the cons of pop up campers is the more maintenance that it generally demands. Initially, it has a tent canvas that should be properly handled with great care. Keep in mind that this part of the pop up may have the possibility to rip and develop mold and mildew.

Moreover, once this camper gets wet, you are required to wait for it to dries up prior to its folding. Another pop up part that needs your attention and care is the raisers and lowers. These are actually moving parts that highly aim for regular inspection and lubrication.


Other types of RV and travel trailers work simply by parking and camping or packing up and driving away. But, in terms of the pop up campers, it demands your time to put it up. And, it also requires more time in collapsing it down.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: As long as RV is concerned, pop up campers tend to be the most affordable type available in the market. Honestly, compared to having a travel trailer is not a worthy option if you will only have to camp out just a few times a year. You will be spending much of your money on a big travel trailer that you will not be using frequently.

By opting for a pop up camper, you can only spend just a portion of the cost of the travel trailer. And since their initial cost is generally lower, insuring this kind of recreational vehicle is also cheaper.


A: The pop up campers will ultimately provide more room for storage. Aside from that, the spacious area inside it enables more people to sleepover into it. When it comes to safety, you can generally sleep conveniently on a pop up compared to the tent especially when there is a thunderstorm. With all these, a pop up camper is generally better compared to a tent.


A: Most RVs usually last for about 10 to 20 years, yet they may vary based on the manner of treatment that you provide on it. In case you provide proper care for your RV, it will luckily last longer than 20 years. For the pop up campers, expect to have for around 10 to 15 years.


A: Tent trailers or pop up campers are not completely waterproof. This basically means that you will experience leaking inside of it once it rains outside. Moreover, this incidence may most likely happen when the tent trailer is already used for the long term. You will normally see the leaks inside the tent trailers on connection points, zippers, pop up seams, windows, damaged roofs, and damaged canvas.


A: Actually, it is an illegal act to sit or stay inside a pull-behind camper when it is moving. But, even while driving, you can still sit inside the contained RV and it is generally legal. Yet, make sure that you buckle your seat belt most of the time as you sit over it.


A: Well, it is highly manageable living in a collapsible type of RV all year round. But, when compared to living inside a regular RV the whole year, pop up camper living tends to be fairly difficult.

Final Words

Deciding to have a pop up camper entails a number of pros and cons that you need to take into consideration. But, whatever the involved advantages and disadvantages, a pop up is still the best option for you and your family especially if you have at least 4 members. At the end of it all, your buying decision still matters here. So, weigh down everything properly and appropriately so that you will enjoy your next camping escapade.

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