Things To Do While Camping With Friends

Camping can be an exciting bonding experience among a friend group. Especially if they have a lot of catching up to do. But the time spent can become stale and somewhat dull for most people. If there are no activities involved in order to keep everyone entertained.

No one wants to regret even going on the camping trip in the first place just because everyone got bored, so it should be important that there are activities planned out before the trip. Fortunately, we have many ideas that you can use for your camping trip to be as memorable and enjoyable as it could be.


1. Preparing meals

Even an activity as mundane as cooking a meal can be enjoyable with the right people. Preparing food can give you and your friends time to catch up on each other’s lives. Also, celebrate whatever achievements one was able to reach during the time you were away. Just make sure not to get carried away with your storytelling, as the barbecue you are roasting might become overcooked without noticing.

2. Fishing and foraging

If you think the food you brought or the wood for the bonfire you gathered is not enough, gathering these resources can become a fun experience for you and your friends. There are hundreds of instances of people who had an excellent story to tell that came from fishing. An added bonus when you start fishing is the opportunity to add these fish to your menu for dinner. You can also forage for items such as fruits or wood. You can use it later when you gather around in the bonfire. However, make sure that you know what type of fish or fruit you will consume. Clean it properly as they can cause food poisoning if not handled properly.

3. Riding boats

You can do this activity while the sun is still up, as riding boats can be pretty dangerous at night. If the campsite or one of your friends has a portable ship, your group can enjoy paddling down a river or any large body of water nearby. Make sure to have proper gear such as life vessels or floatation devices in case of a boat malfunction.

4. Swimming

Swimming in nearby bodies of water is an option, but it usually is not recommended as it is usually inhabited by wildlife and used by land animals as water sources. Instead, you can bring an inflatable and portable pool along which you can fill up with water by bringing extra water tanks in your RV or van if it still has a lot of space.

5. Watching wildlife

Camping in the wilderness can bring you the opportunity to meet wildlife you won’t usually see in your neighbourhood. Make sure to watch from a distance to make sure the animal is not provoked by your presence, and always make sure that the animal is not hostile towards humans (such as bears or large felines). Stay within a visible distance and bring out your camera in order to get a picture of the animals.

6. Physical Activities

There are a bunch of physical activities and sports you can do with your friends that involve a bit of competitiveness. Physical activities will also promote a healthy lifestyle while you are camping.


πŸ† Frisbee

Bring a frisbee disc to throw around with your friends. Group yourselves into teams of two and start throwing the disc to the opposite side. The team with the most catches and lesser misses will win the game.

πŸ† Horseshoes

Throw the horseshoe into the rod as accurately as possible. The person with the nearest horseshoe to the rod or the one who was able to make it stick into the rod will win the game.

πŸ† Soccer

You can bring a soccer ball in order to play this game, or you could also get the nets into which the ball should be thrown. The team with the most goals (or when the ball is successfully kicked into the other team’s net) will win the game.

πŸ† Baseball

Another classic game in which you can bring baseball bats, gloves, and of course, a ball in order to play. You can then mark the ground to indicate the home bases that are needed to win the game successfully.

πŸ† Hide and Seek

The name of this popular game speaks for itself. The players will hide as the seeker tries to find them all around the campsite or near the area they set. Make sure, however, to know the place where you are hiding or else you might get lost in the wilderness.

πŸ† Water Balloon Fight

This game is not preferable if the players are not willing to get wet. The players will throw water balloons at each other as much as they can. You can also play water balloon toss, which is a tamer version of this game where you toss the water balloon around while the opposite team catches it. However, the consequences of not seeing it are the same as the consequences of playing a water balloon fight.

πŸ† Paintball Gun Fight

The equipment used in this game can be a bit pricey (especially if many players will join) because they involve paint guns and paintballs to play. The players may set rules and assign teams, or just blast paintballs at each other as much as possible.

πŸ† Capture The Flag

It is a classic outdoor game. The goal is to take the other’s team flag and bring it into your own base. However, the players of the opposite teams can tag each other, and they will be forced to go back to their base. But before returning to their base, they have to do a task that the player told them to do, such as doing exercises like push-ups. The team who successfully got the flag and placed it in their base without their flag being taken will win the game.

πŸ† Biking

If you and your friends brought bikes to the campsite, this can become a good activity as you travel through the wilderness. However, it is worth noting that you should know where you are going and always have someone to guard your campsite as animals or other people may invade it.


✨ Stories Around The Bonfire

The classic camping activity of telling stores around the bonfire while roasting marshmallows on sticks are usually the first thing that comes into our mind when we hear the word β€œcamping”. It is an enjoyable activity for many people as their stories typically involve a few twists and a hint of nightmare fuel that can be heard from the scripts of horror movies. It is indeed considered the heart of camping which a lot of people do on every trip.

✨ Jamming To Songs

If you have a friend who knows how to play an instrument and they brought it with them, you can start jamming to campfire songs which is another common thing that people do. But, of course, you are not limited to campfire songs only. You can sing anything you like as long as you make sure the sound will not bother the resident wildlife too much, or they may be irritated enough to cause a scene.

✨ Playing Truth or Dare

A game that can put others in a hot seat if given the right questions. It is another classic game that is played by many people regardless if they are camping or not. You can use a bottle or an application on your phone to select the next person to pick truth or dare.

✨ Stargazing

Stargazing can be entertaining, especially for those who have an interest in constellations, zodiac signs, or just stars in general. You can use your imagination to trace certain things, or you and your friends could just tell stories while staring at the stars. This activity hits differently because it is night, since staring at the sky in the daytime is not usually suitable, especially if the sun is shining bright.

✨ Board Games

You can bring board games that you and your friends used to play in the past as it can make you recall good memories from those times. But always be sure to be a sport when it comes to these games since they are very notorious for making people very competitive to the point that they start arguing with each other.

Playing multiplayer games on your mobile devices

If you think it is too late to roam around outside and you prefer to just stay inside the tents, you and your friends can still have fun by playing multiplayer video games on your devices. Be sure to bring a portable internet connection or cables to connect devices to each other in order for you to play the multiplayer games. There are also games that you can change turns in while you all play using only one device.

✨ Watching Movies

Another activity you can do while staying inside the tent. You can watch movies that you used to watch or new movies that you never got to watch together because you were busy. Make sure to have snacks and drinks beside you so you can watch as comfortably as possible inside your tent.

✨ Late Night Walks and Talks

You and your friends can’t sleep? You can have late night walks outside the tents and talk about whatever is in your mind. Many believe that late-night talks can be a lot more sentimental and personal due to the quiet environment. People think that it can allow a person to speak their thoughts more. Late-night talks can become a memorable experience for you and your friends. Because of the recollection of that familiarity which bound you into each other since the start of the friendship.


πŸ“ Follow The Rules Of The Campgrounds.

If one of these activities will cause you to disobey the rules of the camping grounds, it is best not to do them. An example of this is the paintball or water balloon fight. Because some camps do not allow littering or having potentially toxic paint to splatter around the wilderness.

πŸ“ Observe Your Safety

Always have a first aid kit and a number to the nearby emergency medical services. Being aware of your safety can help you immensely in the event of an emergency that can happen at any moment.

πŸ“ Be Mindful and Respectful Towards Other Campers

Usually, alcohol is not allowed in campsites as it can disturb people and cause problems. As much as possible, only drink non-alcoholic drinks during the trip since the authorities will not be able to respond if a conflict or fight occurs instantly. Respect other campers that are nearby your site and stay alert for any problems that might occur.

πŸ“ Bring a Camera

It is vital to capture these moments with your friends in the form of photos. These photos can help you relive the camping trip with your friends. Since you never really know when you will get to spend time with each other again. Even if the camping trip is over, you will be able to feel the enjoyment of those moments. Because you were able to capture them and relive them any time you wish to.

πŸ“ Have Fun On Your Camping Trip

Camping trips can sometimes require a lot of preparation. So if it does happen, make sure you enjoy every moment of it. You never know when another camping trip is going to happen again because of your busy schedule. So forget about your problems for a while. Just enjoy the time you have with the people you wanted to spend time with. But as always, consider safety above all things. A ensure everyone is adequately prepared to make your camping trip as memorable as possible.


Going on a trip is better if you have a companion, mainly if you chose to go with your friends. Going with friends will make your relationship bond stronger. Also, joining other campers is excellent in building your rapport with other people. Just be disciplined and mindful with your companion so that the trip will be successful.

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